The Lobby System has everything you need for rapid multiplayer game prototyping.
  • Full featured user account service
  • Rich profiles with user pictures
  • Localized in over 14 languages.
  • Multiplayer lobby built in with optional support for PUN
  • Optional cloud services for global integration
  • Tested on webplayer, IOS, and Android

Cloud Accounts

User's database and management system for your game

  • Painless : Signup with or without an email.
  • Recoverable : Recover accounts using email.
  • Secure : Supports two factor authentication.
  • Branded : Custom email templates free.

Cloud Storage

A JSON database for scores, profiles and game data.

  • Protect write access by User or Group
  • Define your models using plain CLR objects
  • Supports many ODATA verbs
  • Client side caching and offline mode included

Data Binding

MVVM / MVC style databinding for uGUI

  • Supports all default controls
  • Bind to any object or interface
  • Mock object support
  • Lists (grid) support
  • Custom Editors make it easy

Awesome Utilities

Individually these services will cost you hundreds.

  • Localization Chinese, Russian, whatever
  • Censor Censor foul language in chat or signup
  • Rest Client HTTP Client with full verb support
  • JSON FullSerializer included
  • Tasks .net 4 style task parallelism and threading

Cloud Server

MVC webserver specially designed for Unity3d

  • Uses Mvc5, written in clean C# 4.0
  • Host for multiple apps on a single install
  • Easily write authoritative c# easily.
  • Flat datatable's perfect for Redis or NOSQL

Cloud Messaging

A fast, scalable global Pub/Sub messenger for rpc's

  • Utilizes the Realtime Cloud Platform
  • Supports unlimited room size
  • Supports millions of concurrent connections
  • Perfect for global lobbies, chat or turn based games