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Foundation Localization (v4.0) 3/8/2015

Nicholas Ventimiglia |

The localization service provides translation of UI elements and strings on demand.

  • It supports csv format
  • It partitions languages by folder : ie : Resources/Localization/English
  • It supports multiple files : ie : Resources/Localization/English/LobbyStrings.txt
  • Translate strings by asking for the key. LocalizationService.Instance.Get("key");
  • Automagical update of strings using the [Localized] annotation
  • Yandex translator built in (Like google translate)
  • TextBinder supports uGUI
  • Supports Unity3d 5


  • FullSerializer is required. Located in plugin folder. (
  • LocalizationService Scriptable object located in /Resources/
  • Place CSV formatted Language files inside /Resources/Localization/{LanguageName}/{filename}.txt

Example Csv File

Eamples.ExampleString1, Hello Friend
Eamples.ExampleString2, "Hello, Will you End Me ?"
Eamples.ExampleString3, My Cat is pretty lol.


Yandex Translator

Editor window is located under Tools/Foundation/Yandex Translator. Add your API key (free) (, select the languages you want to support and press the magic button.


uGUI Text

Just slap the LocalizedText monobehaviour on the text field, select the file you want and select the key you want. Your ui text element will now be translated.

Code Behind

    /// <summary>
    /// Example of how to localize your code behind
    /// </summary>
    public static string ExampleString = "Hello Friend";

    public void Awake()
        //Localizes the example string

        //alt way of getting strings
        var s = LocalizationService.Instance.Get("Eamples.ExampleString1");

        // auto magical string updates
        var s2 = ExampleString;


Changing the language

    /// <summary>
    /// Example of how to change the language
    /// </summary>
    public void RandomLanguage()
        var languages = LocalizationService.Instance.Languages;

        LocalizationService.Instance.Language = Random(languages);


Language Change Events

        private void Awake()
            LocalizationService.OnLanguageChanged += OnLocalization;

        private void OnDestroy()
            LocalizationService.OnLanguageChanged -= OnLocalization;

        public void OnLocalization(LocalizationService localization)
            GetComponent<Text>().text = localization.GetFromFile(File, Key, label.text);


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